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Jump Savings Plan Q&A

Jump Savings Plan Q&A

Opening a Jump Savings Plan

Who can open an account?

Any one provided they are over 18.

Which child is eligible?

All children, of any age, even if they have a Stocks and Shares Junior ISA or a Child Trust Fund.

What is the minimum and maximum amounts you need to open a Jump account?

£250 for lump sums or £50 per month or quarter. .

Can I open an account if I live overseas?

No, Jump products are only available to UK residents.

Who has control of the account?

The adult who had opened the account. At 18 the child can hold the shares in their own name.

How do I open a Bare Trust?

Once you have completed the Jump application form and the account has been opened you will need to complete a Declaration of Trust form. This will detail who is to be the legal owner of teh investment (the trustee or trustees), and the child who is to be the beneficiary. The trustees needn't include the donor, and can include a parent or grandparent. The trustee(s) will be responsible for looking after the investment on behalf of the child.

To download a Bare Trust pack please click here.

Investing into your Jump Savings Plan

Can I top up my Jump account?

Yes, subject to our minimum of a lump sum amount of £100 (by cheque) or monthly/quarterly contribution of £50 (by direct debit).

Who can make contributions?

Anyone. Contributions from third parties can be made via cheque.

What is the maximum contribution limit?

There is no limit.

Charges & Fees

How much does Jump cost?

We charge a fixed annual management fee of £31.60+VAT. There are no other dealing charges apart from the government stamp duty, currently 0.5%, which is charged on all equity purchases. Certification of stock (where permitted) is charged at £20 + VAT. As stated in the product Terms and Conditions, the Annual Management Fee increases in line with inflation (UK Consumer Price Index) compounded every 3 years. In accordance with this policy, there will be an adjustment in line with inflation applied to the Annual Management Fee with effect from 6th April 2018.


What is the situation on tax?

There are no tax benefits unless held through a Bare Trust. See our Tax Centre for more information.

Can I withdraw money from the Savings Plan?

Yes. Please see our Key Features and Terms and Conditions for further information.

Can I transfer into/out of Jump?

You can transfer existing certificated holdings of Witan Investment Trust plc directly into the Jump Savings Plan. There is no cost for this. You can also transfer your holdings of Witan Investment Trust plc within your Jump Savings Plan back into your own name by way of a share certificate. The charge for this is £20 + VAT.

Can I transfer between Jump products?

No unfortunately due to HMRC guidelines you are unable to transfer investments into or out of a JISA or CTF accounts.

What happens when the child reaches 16?


What happens when the child reaches 18?

The account holder can retain control of the fund even after the child has reached 18 or upon turning 18 they can transfer the shares into the child's name.

What happens to dividends?

Investors have the option of having them reinvested to buy more shares or paid out as dividend income.

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