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Jump provides equity based savings plans for the benefit of children. If you are thinking of setting up a children’s savings plan, we believe there are compelling reasons why you should consider one from Jump:

  • Parents have chosen Jump to look after the futures of over 13,000 children.*
  • Jump is based on Witan Investment Trust Plc., a well-known and leading global equity investment trust.
  • Witan invests into hundreds of different equities across all major markets and sectors around the world. It also employs a multi-manager approach, which aims to reduce the volatility often associated with using a single manager.
  • Jump offers savings plans that are tax efficient.
  • Jump offers flexible products, where you have the option to invest lump sums or set up a regular direct debit.

Please note that tax assumptions may change if the law changes and the value of tax relief (if any) will depend upon your individual circumstances. Investors should consult their own tax advisers in order to understand any applicable tax consequences.

Jump offers two equity based savings plans for children; the Jump Children's Savings Plan and the new Jump Junior ISA. View the product page for each to see which is most suitable for your child.

*Witan as at 06.04.2015

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